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About Therapy

Every disappointment or challenge is an opportunity for growth 

Counselling and Psychotherapy is an effective way of helping people in a safe, relaxed environment. It is an opportunity for people to examine their deeper feelings, discover for themselves a new outlook upon life and feel supported whilst discovering new and different ways of responding to pressures of day to day living. It can provide the opportunity to make sense of what is happening, help many people find answers to all kinds of problems and make choices that may not be easy. Therapy helps people to regain control of their life.

It provides an opportunity for real change. Although it is not a magical resolution, we cannot alter what we have experienced, what has happened in our lives both past and present. We can however, through exploration of our present and past lives, understand how we came to adopt how we behave, feel, think, respond to others and how we have come to be who we are. Gaining this insight helps us to take greater control of our futures.

Focusing our attention daily and hourly, not on what is wrong, but on what we love and value, allows us to participate in the birth of a better future, ushered in by choices we make each and every day.Carol Pearson

All therapeutic work whether counselling or psychotherapy is always orientated towards growth and change and is continually evaluated in partnership with the client. Counselling is not about offering advice although the counsellor may provide information and appropriate feedback.

Who is it for?

There are many times in our lives when we can benefit from therapeutic work, we may be feeling anxious or unhappy, possibly stuck, we may be coping with traumatic life events, and we may be experiencing difficulties in our relationships at home or at work. We may want to overcome an addiction or change something that does not feel right.

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